🥇Top 10 Best Fog Machines | Best Fog Machine for Halloween 2020

Seeking for best fog machines in 2020, best fog machine for halloween in 2020? If yes, you should have a look at our reviews which can help you save time to pick up the right ones.

If you want to raise your game with some unexpected special effects to impress your party guests, using a fog machine is probably the best answer.

For those of you who are still unsure about what a fog machine is, it is a device used to emit artificial blasts of fog for many different purposes. Its mechanism is quite simple as it works by evaporating any fluid provided and sends it outside, creating a spooky yet fantastical scene depending on how you use it.

However, it is not an easy task choosing from countless brands and makes available on the market. This article is where you will find some of the most budget-friendly fog machines which are all ranked as one of the best among other products in their own categories.

The Top 10 Best Fog Machine for Halloween 2020


Our first choice is a fog machine from Chauvet whose best selling point is its portability thanks to its light weight, allowing you to carry it anywhere with ease.

This fog machine is amazing at step up your event-planning game, as it can be controlled from afar with a wired controller. This means you can set the time for the fog to come out without the need to go up the stage and interfere any performance. Its dense, animal-friendly and odor-free fog stream can be continuously emitted at 1500 cubic feet a minute, and it is instantly ready to use once taken out of the box. Last but not least, since it runs on AC power supply at either 120 volt 60 Hz or 230 volt 50 Hz, you can practically use it anywhere.

With an overall rating of 3.6 stars on Amazon from over 1000 customers, this machine is said to be perfect for film effects and great for bands wanting to kick their light show up a notch, so it is definitely worth your consideration.


Unlike our first recommendation, the ADJ Frog Furry is a vertical fog producing machine, and it is ranked as one of the best outdoor vertical fog dispensers available in the market. With this machine, you will no longer have to worry about clogs, as it uses an oil type transmission pipeline. In addition, it also features 4 button LCD display for accurate functional description and 3 different running modes, including manual, remote control and DMX.

With its instant and powerful fog stream, the machine is rated 4.5 stars on Amazon. However, some buyers claimed that its lights might be a bit unsatisfactory as you only get about three to four feet of a bright rich effect since the fog itself shadows out the lights. Despite such downside, this machine is still a great purchase and undoubtedly worth the expense.

3. Chauvet DJ Hurricane 1200

Here comes another machine from Chauvet. Just like our first recommendation, this machine is also portable and compact, thus ideal for travelling performers. After just 2 minutes for heating, the DJ Hurricane 1200 can produce odor-free fog at 18,000 cfm with its generous 1.0-liter tank capacity, and you can also use a timer remote to keep the machine fogging without the need to restart it repeatedly. This wireless remote can work up to four machines simultaneously, and its control range is incredibly wide – up to over 120 feet away from the machines.

What’s more, this fog machine also features two LED indicators which display whether the machine is heating or ready for use. It is also very efficient on fog fluid and can run for 4 hours straight with just around half a gallon. With its solid build and performance, it receives an average rating of 3.6 stars from its Amazon buyers, with over half of the giving 5 stars for its awesome features and power.


For those in search of low-lying fog options, this American DJ product is the one. It can be used for any events, from stage performances to theatrical plays, and the quality it offers is superior. Of course, with its low-lying fog effect, the machine is perfect Halloween parties or stag performance of similar themes.

The machine produces fog using dry ice, but you can use either standard water-based fog juice or regular ice cubes as alternatives. It can also be operated and cleaned with ease thanks to a built-in system of water drainage valves.

As in our previous picks, this machine also comes with a timer, allowing automatic fogging in accordance with predetermined output and duration. One thing to bear in mind is that this machine is great for indoor use, but the fog may rise too quickly outdoors, making it impossible to achieve the low-lying effect.


This is another budget-friendly fogger, as you can have one for your own with less than $200. Like other picks in this list, this machine also comes handy for backyard parties or moving around due to its lightweight design – only 6lbs.

Since this machine uses two separate circuits for lighting and heating, the light output is continuous and does not get cut off upon heating. With its powerful 1000-watt heater, it can cover up to 4500 cubic feet per minute. However, some users claimed that the only downsides that they have experienced was its limited output in terms of frequency and inconvenience as they had to hold the button down continuously for the machine to produce fog, hence an overall Amazon rating of 3.1 from over 60 buyers.


Another fogger dedicated for Halloween. With a weight of less than five pounds, it is highly portable and works especially great for small spaces such as rooms and garages. Running at 400 watts of power, this fogger can meet almost every recreational purpose, especially for small-time use. In addition, with a 300ml tank, it can emit long lasting fog streams, which can be controlled using a user-friendly wired remote control and a fluid meter for better monitor.

With nearly 500 customers rating 5 stars, this machine is obviously a must-buy for party lovers.


All in all, it all comes down to you. Let us know your decision and feel free to share any recommendations of your own with us.

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