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Big Ten sports fans come to BigTen-fans.com for original Big Ten football and basketball articles, news, standings, scores and sports message boards. Featuring a staff of writers who are Big Ten fans themselves, we offer you, the fan, an opportunity to sound off on our Big Ten message board and provide a variety of Big Ten sports resources.

While we know that Big Ten fans are some of the most loyal and dedicated sports fans in the world, we also know that with the Big Ten and the Mid-American Conference both covering most of the same states. As a result we know that many Big Ten football and basketball fans attended or follow MAC football & basketball as well. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with VanDelaySports.com, the largest Mid-American Conference sports fan site on the Internet, BigTen-fans.com will also occasionally promote and provide MAC football & basketball information as well. But don’t worry, our focus here is to provide Big Ten fans with the best content possible and you can bet that we will do just that!