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Football Themed Casino Games


Nothing compares to the excitement of watching your favorite team take to the field as the crowd anticipates all the thrills that come from watching football. Sadly, for football fans enduring the off-season without their sport can be a challenge. Finding others ways to pass the time can be outright difficult for some fans. One way in which fans could entertain themselves is to enjoy casino games based on American football. Given easy access, many are using these football themed casino games. So popular are these games becoming, that many fans anticipate playing them in the fall while they watch a game of football.

Of all the football themed casino games, $5 Million Dollar Touchdown is the most popular found at most iphone casinos After all, with a name like that, whose interest wouldn’t be piqued? True to the name, it is entirely possible to win a $5 million jackpot with this slot machine game. In order to be eligible for this largesse, players must bet on all 20 paylines. Secondly, they must bet the maximum wager on each payline. With a maximum wager of $10, players will end up spending $200 on each spin to qualify. Five scatter symbols must appear on one of the 20 active paylines for the jackpot to be won.

If wagering that much money on one spin won’t fit into your budget, this doesn’t mean you still aren’t eligible for some kind of jackpot. $5 Million Dollar Touchdown comes with a second jackpot that can be won. This jackpot is still a sizable amount of slot machines, $15,000. Like the $5 million jackpot, this can only be won if the target symbols show up on activated paylines. However, the major difference is that the maximum bet does not have to be made on that payline.