2010 Wisconsin Badgerrs Football

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Wisconsin Badgers vs Indiana Hoosiers Football Recap

Wisconsin 83, Indiana 20



Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema isn’t attempting to make friends in 2010.

Forced by the Bowl Championship Series to elevate his team’s place in college football’s computer-and-poll-fueled pecking order, the boss Badger is intent on making sure that if the Big Ten has a three-way tie, Wisconsin won’t be left holding the bag. If UW, Ohio State, and Michigan State are all tied when this Big Ten campaign is over, Bielema is counting on a big numbers to carry his club to the Rose Bowl, thanks to an elevated spot in the BCS standings.

It’s the Indiana Hoosiers who got caught up in this mess on a gray and dark afternoon that was matched by the postgame mood among the college football cognoscenti. Lots of commentators felt that Wisconsin had no business throwing a long downfield pass midway through the fourth quarter in a game it led by a 69-13 score. Yes, UW put in its backup quarterback, Jon Budmayr, at the time, but the reality of a 74-yard long ball to receiver Jared Abbrederis with 7:26 left in the fourth quarter still left a sour taste in some people’s mouths.

The spectacle certainly reignited debate in the college football community about the need to promote margin of victory in the accumulation of BCS computer formulas. The point spreads by which a team wins can be misleading at times, but when they’re not, it has been suggested that a 30-point cap be placed on the margin-of-victory requirement. Games like this represent “defense exhibit A” in the attempt to impose limits on the ways in which games are used to determine college football rankings.


Just how consistently prolific was Wisconsin against Indiana? The Badgers scored at least 21 points in each of the last three quarters. They gobbled up 598 yards of real estate and converted seven of the 10 third downs they faced. Adding a fourth-down conversion to the mix, one realizes that Wisconsin truly failed to convert only two third downs the entire game. That’s how an opposing defense gets ground into fine dust; unfortunately for the visiting Hoosiers and coach Bill Lynch – who was personally not offended by anything Bielema did on Saturday – they were standing in the way of the Badgers on a day when their best player, quarterback Ben Chappell, suffered a first-half injury that knocked him out of commission. The moment Chappell exited Camp Randall Stadium, Indiana fell apart. The Hoosiers’ offense wasn’t able to control the ball for any length of time, and a very predictable snowball effect began to steamroll the visitors from Bloomington, Indiana. Wisconsin was able to get the ball back repeatedly after casually sending IU’s offense off the field. The Hoosiers’ defense found itself thoroughly gassed, and the rest was history… 63 points worth of history for this game, and 83 points worth for the Badgers themselves.

Now, we’ll see what Wisconsin can do in its final two games. It’s safe to say that if the Badgers continue to ring up huge numbers, they’ll find themselves in the Rose Bowl as long as Ohio State wins its remaining two games.


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By: Matt Zemek
DFN Sports Senior Staff Writer